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Band Gear Header.png
Jon Brown uses Ibanez guitars, Randall amps, and Marshall cabinets

Paul Mossey uses Jackson guitars, Carvin amps, and Marshall cabinets

Frank Karcher uses Ibanez bass guitars and Mesa Boogie amps

Daniel Heckel's equipment

Venue Requirements Header.png
Stage size: minimum 20' wide x 12' deep preferred, though we have worked with less in the past.

Drum Riser: minimum 8' wide x 6' deep (Piece of Time has a custom drum riser if needed).

PA: minimum 16 inputs required

Monitor: 4 monitor wedges up stage.  The drummer uses in-ear monitors.  This only requires an XLR input to plug into the drummer's monitor amplifier.

Microphones: 3 XLR lines up stage (one center, two on stage right).  Microphones to be supplied by the band

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