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Doug Chambers

Frank Karcher

Paul Mossey

Jon Brown

Daniel Heckel

lead vocals

bass, vocals




Piece of Time is one of many Iron Maiden tributes in the world.  What sets them apart is a fundamental understanding of what is necessary to effectively perform Iron Maiden songs with respect and humility for the greatest metal band of all time.


Conceived in 1997, Piece of Time works tirelessly to make sure that every song in the repertoire is up to the standards of every Iron Maiden fan.  Every classic hit and obscure favorite is hand picked and voted on by all band members to assure that everyone has the same passion to get it right.  We do not dress as caricatures of the actual band, as we feel like that is disrespectful to Maiden.  We aim to honor and pay tribute to Iron Maiden, not to parody them.  We take hundreds of painstaking hours preparing each song as its own unique story.  All care is given to authentically reproduce every note, with just enough improvisation to let each band member shine.  All band members are committed to delivering their individual talents and combine them to comprise the American Iron Maiden Tribute.  And we are prepared to back it up.