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Doug Chambers

Frank Karcher

Jon Brown
Paul Mossey

Daniel Heckel

lead vocals

bass, vocals

guitar, vocals



In the world of live music, there is a fine line between a tribute band and a parody act.  Piece of Time have spent the past decade figuring out the formula.


Piece of Time, The American Maiden Tribute, is an Iron Maiden tribute band from Raleigh, North Carolina.  With an ever-growing repertoire of songs, including all of the major radio hits mixed with a selection of cult fan favorites, Piece of Time have played live music venues and major annual festivals throughout the Southeast to a warm reception and an enthusiastic response.  Footage of their live performances are renowned internationally online.  These accomplishments are the fruits of each band member’s tireless efforts to authentically reproduce every note, with just enough variation to let each band member shine.  It is these efforts that make Piece of Time the American Iron Maiden Tribute band.

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